Huge crowds head to del Lago for the first Super Bowl with legalized sports betting

Updated: Feb 6

It was the first Super Bowl Sunday with legalized sports betting in New York state, and seats for the sports lounge at del Lago Resort and Casino were sold out for the big game.

It was Adam Holm’s first time at the DraftKings sportsbook lounge, and he says live betting makes this year different than any before.

This past summer, New York became one of many states that legalized sports gambling. The 6,000-square foot DraftKings Sportsbook opened in August 2019 and includes floor to ceiling LED screens, as well as 23 kiosks available for fans to place bets.

“You can do live betting, which most people haven’t done. You never had the option to do that before, so every single play matters now,” said Adam Holm.

del Lago was packed even before the game started. Officials with del Lago say nearly 300 reservations were made and the big screens, betting kiosks, and a full bar helped make the place fun.

“In general, people are excited about the sportsbook – to be able to bet legally and safely in New York,” said Lance Young, the executive vice president with del Lago Resort and Casino.

For many people, the betting at the DraftKings Sportsbook was something they’ve been waiting for, for years.

“I think it’s great, I think it was long overdue. I think it’s been a long time because people bet illegally all the time … now it’s legal, so it’s cool they can bet what they want to bet,” said John Stock, a Super Bowl fan.

“I think it’s great, it’s good for everything,” said Joseph Trichilo, a Super Bowl fan.


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