Thanks for your interest in Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E). As you learn about our company, I want to take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

Since our founding in 1999, we have focused on operating premium gaming venues that get three things right, every time. First, we provide outstanding service. Secondly, we offer exceptional quality. And, finally, we accomplish this by improving communities where we do business- SERVICE, QUALITY, COMMUNITY.


To me, these are not just lofty words - These are operating principles we have lived by for over 20 years and they have helped guide us to where we are today. If these are of value to you, I know you will like what P2E has to offer. P2E has grown to include managers with gaming experience, investment expertise, and the patience to develop not only special places to work, but also fun, entertaining venues for all. Together, we have developed 11 facilities nationwide – and we are interested in doing more. 

Whether we become partners in providing capital to start something new or restructuring properties to perform better, we are dedicated to build meaningful businesses over time. We have played every role in the gaming industry, and today we have controlling interest in and/or actively manage gaming properties that yield superior return on investment and create long-term value for our shareholders. 

Our market analysis, research and highly disciplined investment approach enables us to design solutions that earn results. We also focus on providing tactical and strategic solutions to add value to communities where we operate. Simply put, P2E cares about the places where we do business. This means we want to operate facilities where people want to work, but also visit and make incredible memories. Given this, we do everything we can to be great partners to our employees, legislative leaders and the citizens of communities in which we invest.

With offices in multiple states, we are familiar faces at our facilities located in Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, New York and Virginia. P2E is always looking for additional investment opportunities in gaming, and I hope you consider us as a partner in making your dreams a reality.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brent Stevens
Founder and Chairman
Peninsula Pacific Entertainment